How to donate:

Bank Deposit

Chiara Mazzeo

BSB: 013 308

Account no: 289 114 454

Or via secure credit card click here

Donations can help Chiara reach her highest potential:

Chiara is involved with many forms of therapy, some of which are not funded by the Australian Government.

The therapies we do for Chiara have helped her immensely and we continually see exciting improvements to her overall development and want to continue on this positive trajectory.

All therapies we do can be found under the resources tab.



  1. I am blown away by this blog, it is amazing and uplifting. Natalie, you are incredible. I feel somewhat ashamed that it has taken the Local paper to bring to my attention that YOU ARE ALL our neighbours. I knew you were there , but was totally unaware of your circumstances. I am happily about to make a donation and will contact you about hopefully providing you with some time to assist you in some way. I love your positivity and look forward to hopefully committing to assisting you all in some way. Yours sincerely, Janet vague

    • Beautiful Janet thank for your kind words – its wonderful that we can increase the community spirit and help one another and especially little Chiara. We will indeed require extra hands for some of the exercises we do with Chiara, so that would be wonderful. We will see you upon our return from the USA. With gratitude from all of us 🙂

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