Chiara’s Journey

This is visual diary of our beautiful daughter’s journey through what started as simple treatment for her Talipes (clubfoot), to an unfolding of a more serious diagnosis, that is thought to impede her ability to ever walk, talk or live a long life. Chiara has been given many labels, since her MRI at 5 months of age found she had Bilateral Perisylvian PolymicrogyriaMicrocephely, Global Development Delay and Spastic Quadriparetic Cerebral Palsy 

All the labels come down to one thing – brain injury. The medical team attribute the aforementioned diagnosis to a possible stroke Chiara had in-utero.

My intention for sharing our journey, is in the hope we can help Chiara reach her highest possible potential. Chiara has a very intense rehabilitation schedule which includes home therapies, physiotherapist, speech pathologist, osteopathy, occupational therapist, myotherapist, naturopathy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture therapy, anat baniel therapy, IAHP therapy, feldenkrais therapy, tomatis therapy, kinesiology therapy which we access through Fundraising and Better Start.

On top of this there is also ongoing medical and equipment costs.Chiara may need to access some of these therapies and equipment for the rest of her life, unless a miracle unfolds!

Since Chiara was only 10 days old,  she has been admitted to The Royal Children’s Hospital many times for concerns around her ability to breathe, as well as other physiological issues. Chiara has also attended over 200 specialist appointments to hospital over the past two years and continues to attend various departments for treatment.

As parents we are doing whatever it takes to provide our daughter with the very best opportunity so she can thrive and survive in this lifetime.

My passion for Natural Therapies, Health and Wellbeing and my love of Yoga Teaching are weaved throughout this blog, to bring other perspectives to this new ‘special needs’ world.

So welcome lets be realistic and plan for a miracle!

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All photo’s and text copyright © Natalie Roberts Mazzeo


  1. When the medical terms are spelled out in black and white like that Chiara’s future sounds so ominous but with the love that surrounds her and your affection and power of positive thinking I’m sure greatness will be achieved Nat. She is such a cutie-pie. Chiarasjourney is bound to be a source of great inspiration for you and those you share it with, filled with many many heartfelt wonderful moments. Our thoughts are with you always. Xxxx

  2. Thank you Kara for your beautiful message, looking forward to seeing you all in July. Thank you again for your inspiring words – much love to you and the family xx

  3. Chiara is so beautiful. She is blessed with a family that will just adore her. She will experience nothing but love in her life. She will be in my prayers every day

  4. Elephant journal article heart opening and breaking.You are a wonderful mum and I feel so lucky to know such a caring loving parent.It takes one loving parent to know another.
    Much love

  5. Hello, I’ve just come across your blog and just wanted to say your posts are great so thought provoking, thank you for sharing such a personal journey!
    Ive had Cerebral Palsy since birth I am now 24 and try to live my life to the fullest! I have recently set up my own blog I’d love too hear your feedback! You’re daughter is beautiful by the way!
    Best wishes

    • Michelle, what a journey you have been on yourself through CP. It’s beautiful to hear from you and I will definitely check out your blog. Thank you for getting in touch, blessings x

  6. Hi Natalie , my name is tina , my son, Holden , is 5 months old . He was born w bilateral club feet, and just recently diagnosed with polymicrogyria . We are still waiting for test results but I just wanted to know if I could get in touch with you … I have a million questions that only another mother could answer. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful btw ..

    • Tina, hang tight, stay strong. Holden will come with many gifts I assure you, it’s a tough road but know that PMG presents differently with each child. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to call me anytime 0413 296 288. If you live in Melbourne can also catch up for a coffee. There is a wonderful PMG community – here is a good website for PMG below. There are also FB groups you can join too. Take care… and look after you too

    • & another wonderful support is The Holistic Child forum on FB, I highly recommend joining this. I can introduce you to the group – the mums on there are amazing!!! There is so many natural incredible things we can do for our kids who have neurological issues. Call or email me whenever you need x

  7. Your little girl is so beautiful! I’ve had CP since birth and I’m 20 now, a college student about to move out on my own. She can do it! You can do it! Stay strong.

  8. Hi Natalie. My name is Lisa and my son was born with an oxygen deficit brain trauma and now is generally labeled as cerebral palsy. He has just turned 6 mths. I am in Brisbane and was wondering if your mobile number was the same as you posted earlier? I would love to get in touch as I have been very interested in alternatives to mainstream for dealing with some of his challenges. You are doing a marvelous job for you little girl xxx

    • Hi Lisa,
      Yes absolutely feel free to call me. I’m happy to share what we have don’t for Chiara, however keep in mind we always consult her medical team before we try anything. There’s so much out there, but so many great things to help too. I’f love to connect, sending love to you and your boy x

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