Chiara’s Short-Film

Thank you to a very good friend Emma who produced this short-film about Chiara and her journey so far.

It’s not easy trying to encapsulate all that comes with the special needs road, however Emma has captured the essence of it all, brilliantly!

I get teary watching it, not only because of Chiara but how blessed I am to have a wonderful supportive community, thanks Em for being a part of this.

Mauro and I are so thankful for this film in helping us raise awareness for one of our most precious creations Chiara. Our aim is to provide Chiara with absolutely everything she needs to reach her highest possible potential.

Through fundraising we can access such opportunities and to all the people who have donated, helped, supported Chiara from our big expansive hearts – we want to say THANK YOU!!!

Feel free to share this short-film and send out to the world, to help us further create awareness for Chiara.

You never know, there may be someone out in this big wide world that holds the key for unlocking Chiara and her conditions.


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.05.31 am

Categories: Fundraising

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