Episode 03: The call is recorded – what an honour

Tessa’s Blog Post : Episode 03: The call is recorded – what an honour.

It’s was great to connect with Tessa from The One In A Million Baby,  I have such deep reverence for Tessa and Eva and what they are doing for the community at large. Although Tessa’s daughter Eva gained her angel wings, she is still very much a part of this journey on so many levels.

As I was speaking and sharing my own story, I was quietly amazed at her ability to hold the space for myself (and other mama’s like me) to share our journey’s, heart breaks and all.

Like so many Mama’s like me, we get it. Our stories may be different, but our love and heart-break so similar when it comes to our greatest littlest creations –  our children.

To me, Tessa and Eva are a true testament to the profound gifts that are possible even after the most heart-breaking of times. And this is what inspires me to never give up, come what may…

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