our morning..

We have already completed 40 masks and it’s not even 11am. Yes, we have been up with the birds..

Chiara sitting and digesting after her meal looking out to the park. I’m pretty sure she’s thinking “I will run in that park one day”!

We just fed her, so as her tummy digests we use this time to continue on with the IAHP program, reading, masking etc. Then it’s out of this contraption and as much floor time as we can get in, incline floor and Yoga so she feels her body on the earth. Chiara has started to sleep better and the body jolting has settled down, so we are able to get back on track. 

I was reading a book last night and this quote stood out with neon’s flashing lights…

“Love and Fear can not co-exist”.

Categories: Cerebral Palsy

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