RCH Visit

Big morning at Royal Children’s Hospital – Chiara beaming her light and love to as many people as possible! Good news – no plaster cast or operation required (*at this stage).


I’m always prepared for the but’s with Chiara’s medical issues.. so here it is:

Latest hip x-ray shows slight uncovering of left femur – potential to dislocate out of the socket due to crazily tight adductors. So what to do?

Treatment for high-tone cerebral palsy patients is to inject Botox directly into the muscle, relaxing the adductors to help with full range of motion. So we are now booked into see a new department in the next few weeks.

Still smiling though – and that is all that matters in this present moment xx


  1. Hi darlings. You all continue to amaze me.
    Re the Fundraiser, I can possibly offer (Not confirmed yet), a jazz trio to play early in the night as folk arrive or having pre-dinner drinks. I sing with this band but cannot get onto them to confirm yet. Anyway it’s an offer which may assist. Xxxxxxx😘😘😘😘😘

    • Wow, thank you. That is such a beautiful offer. Mauro’s best friend has offered to help out with live entertainment, lets keep in touch about it xx

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