Pure Love

Love when Chiara sleeps so peacefully.. resting & rejuvenating. During her waking hours her nervous system is in over-drive from the cerebral palsy, her muscles constantly switched on tight putting so much extra strain on her little body.

So in these moments, as her body let’s go, I literally feel her whole being release and surrender into my arms

It’s here I let my tears flow and flow.. all the worry of Chiara’s physical, verbal & life span limitations – wash through me. So that when the tears stop, all that is left is the peaceful rhythmic sounds of my daughter’s breath and a stronger sense of faith and hope as her mamma 🙏💛

#rawmumamoment #miracles #tears #cleansing #acceptance #purelove


  1. Bless you Natalie. Looking forward to seeing you all when you return. Thinking of you while you are going through this next phase of development for Chiara and your family.

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