Be strong

You are stronger thank you think you are and your strength assures a happy outcome

This is the card I plucked out of the deck today March 14th, my birthday (and my little sister Bec’s birthday too!).

Message from Sekhmet: ‘See yourself as strong and victorious. Don’t complain about anything. Don’t blame anyone or any condition. You’re the embodiment of strength, not victimhood. As you rise above the old tendencies and see yourself in the new light of beautiful feminine strength, your life will automatically shift in miraculous ways. You’ll attract new opportunities, forms of abundance, and relationships to help you manifest your highest potential. Being strong means seeing yourself in the most favourable light you can imagine. Be real, allow yourself to feel genuine emotions, but most of all, be strong.’

Sekhmet is the Egyptian sun goddess, a fiery protector. Her name means ‘strong and mighty’. Sekhmet is connected with lions, symbolising her fiercely protective nature. A pretty good card for any muma with a special needs child I think..


  1. Oh Happy Happy Birthday Beautiful Smiling Woman. How strange, My birthday is on Friday and i will be 63 and can’t believe it. YOU are one of the strongest woman I know, and I don’t even know you that well. Your attitude and persona alone effect, influence and determine much of what happens in your life. I am always here for things out of the ordinary. Keep Smiling, it makes people wonder what you have been doing.:) 🙂 🙂 xxxxxx

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