Valentines Day Love ♥

‘Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other” – Paulo Coelho

I absolutely believe this to be true, such a beautiful insight. Sending so much love to all the beautiful souls in my life – love that we have all been drawn together to share the journey.

Here’s some progress with Chiara, more movement! Thank you Nana & Par for spending the day with us and helping is to achieve the masking, incline floor, reading etc. Grace loved the extra crew at dancing class too ♥


  1. We really enjoyed our day with ‘team Chiara’ yesterday. Truly wonderful to see the gradual improvement in Chiara’s movement. The journey continues with help from family and friends. It will be so nourishing to look back to these days and show Chiara just how much she is loved once she is talking and walking.
    Also Grace did so well at dancing and Mauro does not know when to stop when cutting his own hair!

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