hello new cast

4am start this morning C wasn’t going back to dreamland in a hurry so we soaked off the cast, packed bags, loaded the car and made our way to the hospital – yes all that took 3 hours! Looks like we’ll be seeing the new year in with the cast on, but things are going well with the clubfoot treatment so all worth it. Though she is extra heavy with it on –  so can get a bit (very!) tricky at times.

Pictured below Chiara during her Neurofeedback session last week with the beautiful Dorris Dehm, some photo’s from today’s RCH visit. We managed to complete 37 masks too – yay! Sleep gods be kind to us tonight x

Categories: wisdom


  1. She looks like such a happy girl, despite the appointments and casts! My Eva is going to have to have hip surgery at some stage in the next 6 months or so which is going to mean a massive cast for 3 months. I am not looking forward to it at all! She already feels pretty heavy!

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