The long road ahead…

Starting to take short moments of footage along the journey. Here you can see how much effort is required for Chiara to move her body. I want so much to move her hands where they need to go, lift her legs into the crawl position or hold her body for support etc.. alas we have to let her try and figure it out.. hopefully in the next 6 months we will see some major changes! I popped out to buy some more materials required for the home program, so much preparation involved. Not long and we’re in full swing of the home program. Bring it on!

& the other picture attached – well pretty sums out how I feel at the moment! We’re not taking the usual “transport” to get to our destination! But I guess it doesn’t quite matter how we get there – just as long as we get there…

Categories: wisdom


  1. Its so true that it doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you do get there! Having a disability means that we don’t always do things as as others do but that makes our achievements even better! Chiara is beautiful xx

  2. Dear Natalie, you darling. Thank You for that gorgeous card. I loved it. Not necessary at all, so happy knowing it helps. BTW, I will be available on Monday afternoon to come and do some cleaning for you, if that suits. It has been madness and mayhem here with my 92 yr old mum ending up in hospital yesterday. Hence the reason for not coming up to see you sooner. Call me on 0422 007 684 to organize a time that suits you.
    You remind me of a saying :
    Courage is not knowing the pathway but travelling along it anyway.
    See you soon. Love Janet. Was lucky to see possum the other day.
    AND I got some gorgeous smiles from her that made my day. xxxxx 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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