Yep – at the end of the day this one word pretty much sums it up. Not in the way of giving up, or throwing in the towel – but more so as an act of Grace, of fully accepting what life has installed for you and your loved ones.

In Yoga – the practice of surrender is known as Ishvara pranidhana: surrendering (pranidhana) to a higher source (Ishvara). It’s the big picture stuff and it helps me to remember and trust that other forces are at play.

I met with a fellow Yoga teacher the other day, we had not seen each other since I was pregnant and I was sharing my recent journey with Chiara. She smiled and said ‘so Natalie, sounds like you have been doing a lot of Yoga then’.. we had a laugh! Yoga is far more than just the physical aspect (asana’s/postures) and whilst I haven’t made it onto my Yoga mat as often as I would have liked this year, mainly due to the hectic schedule for Chiara – it’s a nice reminder that I can still draw from the immense depth of these ancient practices, even when I’m not teaching or attending a Yoga class.

Surya namaskar (Sun Salutation) can also be a method of Ishvara pranidhana; in its origins, it was a moving prayer in which every breath offered the yogi’s energy back to the sun…so in the morning if I get a chance to practice some sun salutations (before my tribe has woken up!!) I can add this aspect of ‘surrender’ to my practice…

I have always been drawn to Indian culture and art, and after spending 6 months living there many years ago, I became accustomed to the vast array of daily rituals, which all embody the yoga practice of Ishvara pranidhana—surrendering (pranidhana) to a higher source (Ishvara). India is amazing like that – you get to witness life in all its colours from happiness to suffering and everything in between.

So as I find myself living through many of the “what if’s” from a year ago… what if Chiara cannot sit independently at18 months of age? what if she cannot wave hello or goodbye? What if she cannot stand? The list goes on and on just like the milestone chart here; And yes, it scares me that these simple milestones feel so far way for Chiara… at times I wonder if Chiara will ever sit, crawl, talk, or even stand. So more than ever (for me) the simple act of surrender feels ever so pertinent…

I guess at we all have life experiences that are out of our control –  the whole mandala of life sits within the realm of Ishvara pranidhana….or put simply –

” to Surrender”….


  1. Surrender is a great word. It’s not one I had thought about but it’s exactly what it feels like.

    I totally understand your worries and thoughts about Chiara not sitting or walking when the charts dictate. I have the same thoughts on a daily basis.

  2. Thank you –
    Bless little Peanut and Chiara… may they get there in their own time.. and as for the charts.. well I guess I’ve got to throw them in the bin! Time (and life) is on a whole new trajectory and I’m holding on tight for the ride!! xx

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