New beginnings…

Today marks a New Moon in astrology – the new moon brings about new beginnings as well as endings. New Moons are a great time to set intentions for things you’d like to create, develop, cultivate, make manifest…. It’s pretty clear what this little family is hoping to manifest..nothing short of a miracle thank you universe!

So it is with a pang of sadness that we said our goodbyes to Amy today (Chiara’s key worker from Noah’s Ark) who has decided to embark on a new career path. Amy has been phenomenal over the past 12 months, providing a solid support to our family through such a challenging time.

Amy has been pivotal in helping me navigate the labyrinth that is ‘the special needs world’, and most importantly she has been a wonderful advocate for little Chiara. They say people come into your life, at just the right time and I believe this was the case with Amy. She arrived in our lives at a pretty intense time, our world has just been turned upside down after the initial diagnosis and I had no idea what ‘early intervention’ even meant in terms of Chiara and all of us as a family. I knew nothing about funding, special needs equipment, special needs resources, respite, speech pathology, developmental medicine.. (the list goes on and on) but she managed to pull it all together and deliver so much information in a way we could handle it all. Amy also attended many of the early RCH appointments with us, helping to clarify and communicate any additional needs… which was a huge help given a lot of these meetings my mind would be spinning!

So today with the new moon, new beginnings and an ending –  we wish Amy all the very best. No doubt Chiara will thank her for herself one day too 😉

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  1. New beginnings 🌕 so beautiful 💛
    Amy has been wonderful for Chiara, you and family so blessed 🙏 that she came into your life 🌈

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