Sleep Study, Myotherapy & RCH visit

What a day! Picked up my loves from Monash Children’s Hospital at 7am, then a quick super-food breaky at our fav café Merchant’s Guild (best chai in town!!).Then a pit stop at my parents home to bath Chiara and wash off all the glue that was all over her head from the sleep study due to the many electrodes stuck to her. Poor baby was screaming when they had to peel them all off this morning at the hospital…

Then an incredible session with Andrea from Myotherapy First, she massaged Chiara’s little body to help soften through the muscles and Chiara was in heaven!! It was so beautiful to see her so relaxed and giggling away. AND…we’ve never seen her legs move like they did today, in a coordinated rhythm. The work on her abdominals and hip flexors has proven to really help free up her little legs to move! Chiara seemed so playful, moving, laughing.. smiling! Both Mauro and I have been on a high ever since.

Then Chiara fell into a very peaceful deep sleep after her morning massage session… she was sleeping for hours, unfortunately we had to wake her from her blissful sleep and set off for the RCH visit this afternoon…

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