Sunday sessions…

Today we broke the record for the longest and most relaxed pattern (one of the therapies we do with 3 people) with Chiara, wonderful to feel her body respond with such ease. Thank you Nana & Par – go team Chiara…

Thank you also to Chiara’s Godfather Peter who sent us the prayer flags and her Godmuma Penelope who made such beautiful bunting flags made out of vintage fabrics, which is also hanging in her therapy room. Blessed.

Tomorrow I’m on a mission to find a Naturopath who can guide us for help with neurological support, and especially for digestion. Due to her lack of mobility, Chiara suffers painful episodes with digestion and elimination. Today was a huge reminder of that, prior to the patterning, she was in so much pain – too much for her little body 😦

Another offshoot to the cerebral palsy, is rigid and jerky movements. Unfortunately at times, Chiara will get one of her fingers stuck in her mouth, and the bite reflex clamps down on the finger and for some unknown reason to us, she can’t release it?? So we have to watch and wait until her jaw relaxes, and her finger is released. It’s full-on, and looks so painful. So I’m hoping all the physical intervention, as well as diet and supplementation can help provide a solution for this…

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