A morning of Yoga… & more

On top of the home program from IAHP, we also include Yoga, the physio exercise that we learn from Di.

We try and integrate everything we do with Grace, so she can add her own amazingness to the development of Chiara… its incredible watching these two together. Chiara responds to Grace with so much joy…

So this morning Grace started the session with the sacred sounds of the Tibetan bowl…. special

We have the standing frame on trial, it’s so good to her Chiara upright and given her body weight is slightly forward over her hips, it breaks the extensor pattern that causes so much rigidity through her body.. and when this is dulled, her fine motor skills get a chance to function.. her usually tightly clasped fists begin to relax and she can grasp toys…

The standing frame costs over $2,000 so we need to look at funding options so we can purchase.. the options are:

  • Flexible Support Package to Bapcare (physio will need to provide a support letter stating that the equipment has been trialled and is appropriate)
  • Application to Steve Waugh Foundation (support letter also required)
  • Application to Children First Foundation, who granted the gap funding for the Bingo pram


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