Naturopath – NAET session #2

We met up with Maria Colossimo at Centre of Holistic Medicine, Chiara and I sat in the waiting room together. Another mum was next to me with her little son, who had downes as well as Leukimia.. he had just had a session of chemotherapy. Looking at both of us with our little babies on our laps, you would never of guessed that either child had so much going on for them.. it’s amazing these little people, their spirits seem so incredibly strong. Chiara and the little boy exchanged smiles and sounds together. There is always someone doing it tougher, and sitting next to this beautiful mum sharing her story, I was reminded of this in an instant.

So NAET session # 2, this therapy is similar to Kinesiology. It was developed by Dr Devi Nambudripad. NAET is based on the theory and concepts of Oriental Medicine and electromagnetic energy.  Your body has a flow of electrical currents called meridians or energy channels.  Blockage occurs in the meridians when the body has an allergic reaction.  Blockages of different meridians result in different symptoms.  By stimulating key acupressure points along the spine while the patient is holding an allergen vial, the electromagnetic energy is altered in the patient’s body thereby eliminating and neutralizing the allergic response.  A chemical, enzymatic, and physiologic change occurs, which neutralises the immune mediators and interrupts the antigen-antibody reaction.  This clears the energy blockages and notifies the brain that the allergen has been desensitised.

I first discovered this type of therapy when I was studying naturopathy, we had to spend a term in placement with a qualified Naturopath. I was lucky to find an amazing Naturopath George Dallas at In-Focus St Kilda. I witnessed him heal people in a way that I had never seen before.

So the first treatment today, Maria focused on Chiara’s cold, as well a brain balance (BFF, mucosa, virus, sinusitis) , the second treatment (brain, neurotransmitters, tissue, cerebral spinal fluid).

So we’ll continue on exploring this kind of therapy with Chiara.  It’s kind of out there, not your mainstream therapy but I love it. I believe in the power of energetics, like that of a placebo… where things occur far beyond the measures of science.


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