What to Do about Your Brain-Injured Child…

So thank you to social media, I have discovered some incredible resources of late. As mentioned in my post “I feel like I’ve won Tatt’s”.. there are many links we are yet to explore…

However our first point of call is to attend the course What to Do about Your Brain-Injured Child… part of the pre-reading for this course is the book and both Mauro and I have not been able to put it down. It is INCREDIBLE, one sentence stands out:

“..If one was to treat a brain-injured person, one would have to treat the injured brain, wherein lay the cause, rather than the body where the symptoms were reflected“…

I cannot tell you how much that strikes a chord with us. Like that of Naturopathy, treating the cause, rather than the symptom is where you get real sustained results! We are just at the beginning of this exciting hopeful journey…

Some of the areas we will explore…

  • Patterning – manipulation of limbs and head in a rhythmic fashion
  • Creeping – forward bodily movement with the abdomen in contact with the floor
  • Crawling – forward bodily movement with the abdomen raised from the floor
  • Receptive stimulation – visual, tactile and auditory stimulation
  • Expressive activities – e.g. picking up objects
  • Masking – breathing into a rebreathing mask to increase the amount of carbon dioxide inhaled, which is believed to increase cerebral blood flow
  • Gravity/Antigravity activities – rolling, somersaulting and hanging upside down.

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